Contact Information

Name:Xiaowei Yang  



Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Research and Publications

Research Interests:
Graphene, 2D materials, Soft materials, Battery, Supercapacitor, Tissue engineering


Recent Publications:
1. X.W. Yang, C. Cheng, Y. Wang, L. Qiu, D. Li, Liquid-mediated dense integration of graphene materials for highly compactcapacitive energystorage, Science, 2013, 341, 534-537 (ESI Hot Papers).
2. X.W. Yang, J. Zhu, L. Qiu, D. Li, Bioinspired effectiveprevention of restackingin multilayered graphene films: Towards the next generation of high-performance supercapacitors, Adv. Mater., 2011, 23, 2383-2388 (Cover, ESI Highly Cited Papers)
3. X.W. Yang, L.Qiu, C. Cheng,Y. Wu, Z.-F. Ma