Contact Information

Name:Jun Qiu
Telephone : 86-21-69582101-806




Ph.D.  Materials Processing Engineering
The Institute of Metal Research (IMR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


Research and Publications

Research Interests:
high performance polymer composites, nano-composites,functional composites,novel energy composites, resource utilization of used polymer composites

Recent Publications:
(1) Jun Qiu*,Tingting Qiu.Fabrication and microwave absorption properties of magnetite nanoparticle–carbon nanotube–hollow carbon fiber composites. Carbon 2015,81:20-28
(2) Xie Pincheng,Li Yuchao,Qiu Jun*. Preparation and dielectric behavior of polyvinylidene fluoride composite filled with modified graphite nanoplatelet. Journal of Applied Polymer Science,2014,132(24): 40229-40236
(3) Yuxia Kong, Lei Jin, Jun Qiu.Synthesis, characterization, and CO2 capture study of micro-nano carbonaceous composites, Science of the Total Environment. 2013,463:192-198.
(4)Y Kong, T Qiu, J Qiu. Fabrication of novel micro-nano carbonous composites based on self-made hollow activated carbon fibers. Applied Surface Science, 2013:265(15): 352–357
(5) Zheng, HQ ,Neo, CY ,Mei, XG ,Qiu,J, Ouyang, JY. Reduced graphene oxide films fabricated by gel coating and their application as platinum-free counter electrodes of highly efficient iodide/triiodide dye-sensitized solar cells.Journal ofMaterials Chemistry,2012,22(29): 14465-14474
(6)Kong Yuxia,Yuan, Jie,Wang Zongming,Qiu Jun. Study on the preparation and properties of aligned carbon nanotubes/polylactide composite fibers.Polymer Composites,2012,33(9); 1613-1619
(7)Kong, Yuxia; Yuan, Jie; Qiu, Jun Preparation and characterization of aligned carbon nanotubes/polylactic acid composite fibers .Physica B-CondensedMatter,2012,407(13):2451-2457
(8) Jun Qiu, Guojian Wang, Caixia Zhao. Preparation and characterization of amphiphilic multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Journal of Nanopartical Research 2008,10(4):659-663
(9) Jun Qiu, Guojian Wang .Comparative study of multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified by amphiphilic polymer with different approaches. Applied Surface Science, 2008,254(18):5691–5694
(10)WangGuo-Jian,HuangSi-Zhe,Wang Yao,Liu Lin,Qiu Jun.Li Yan .Synthesis of water- soluble single-walled carbon nanotubes by RAFT polymerization. Polymer,2007,48 (3): 728-733.



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