Contact Information

Name:Ming Jin




Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Jilin University


Research and Publications

Research Interests:    
1)Molecular engineering of one/two photon activable sulfonium salts photoacid generators and their applications in the one/two photon photopolymerizations, such as one/two photon microfabrications; one/two photon photolithography; Violet Laser CTP;        
2)Molecular engineering of one/two photon activable fluorescent chromophores and their applications in the fluorescent sensors, one/two photon sensitizing polymerization fields.      

Recent Publications:    
[1] Jin M, Wu X, Xie J, Malval JP, Wan D. One/two-photon-sensitive photoacid generators based on benzene oligomer-containing D-[small pi]-A-type aryl dialkylsulfonium salts. Rsc Advances. 2015;5(68):55340-7.        
[2] Jin M, Xie J, Malval J-P, Spangenberg A, Soppera O, Versace D-L, et al. Two-photon lithography in visible and NIR ranges using multibranched-based sensitizers for efficient acid generation. Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2014;2(35):7201-15.        
[3] Jin M, Hong H, Xie J, Malval J-P, Spangenberg A, Soppera O, et al. pi-conjugated sulfonium-based photoacid generators: an integrated molecular approach for efficient one and two-photon polymerization. Polymer Chemistry. 2014;5(16):4747-55.        
[4] Jin M, Xu H, Hong H, Malval J-P, Zhang Y, Ren A, et al. Design of D-pi-A type photoacid generators for high efficiency excitation at 405 nm and 800 nm. Chemical Communications. 2013;49(76):8480-2.        
[5] Jin M, Xu H, Hong H, Bao C, Pu H, Wan D, et al. Micropatterning of Polymethacrylates by Single- or Two-Photon Irradiation Using pi-Conjugated o-Nitrobenzyl Ester Phototrigger as Side Chains. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 2013;130(6):4099-106.        
[6] Fu Y, Ding C, Zhu A, Deng Z, Tian Y, Jin M. Two-Photon Ratiometric Fluorescent Sensor Based on Specific Biomolecular Recognition for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Copper Ions in Live Cells. Analytical Chemistry. 2013;85(24):11936-43.        
[7] Xia R, Malval J-P, Jin M, Spangenberg A, Wan D, Pu H, et al. Enhancement of Acid Photogeneration Through a Para-to-Meta Substitution Strategy in a Sulfonium-Based Alkoxystilbene Designed for Two-Photon Polymerization. Chemistry of Materials. 2012;24(2):237-44.        
[8] Malval J-P, Jin M, Morlet-Savary F, Chaumeil H, Defoin A, Soppera O, et al. Enhancement of the Two-Photon Initiating Efficiency of a Thioxanthone Derivative through a Chevron-Shaped Architecture. Chemistry of Materials. 2011;23(15):3411-20.      

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